Life is about being in touch with ourselves and nature. This is where all the answers lie.

Let our values , not other people’s rules and guidelines direct our life.


I see the world breaking free from the rules that no longer serve us and brought us away from our true essence, by staying connected to ourselves, each other and nature.

Hi! I’m Urška.

Welcome to my website, where I publish content related to my top core values: personal growth, health and family. Thank you for joining me on my journey of self-discovery, freedom and reprogramming the way of thinking. I would describe myself as a curious seeker of wisdom, an explorer who is not willing to blindly follow the cultural norms and taboos that hold us back from living in freedom and in our true purpose. My wonderful two sons are reminding me how to live in the moment, to enjoy life and follow my passions which are singing, dancing, spending time in nature, travelling and researching about natural living, personal growth.

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Health and wellbeing


Every parent wants the best for their kid. Make and informed decision about vaccines and take the first step to more knowledge so you will be confident and at peace with one of the most important decisions you can make for your child. This is about health and wellbeing of your child!


Are your top values health and personal growth? Would you like to improve your relationship and feel better?

If yes, this podcast is for you. Its purpose is to deepen relationship with oneself, others and nature so we can live happier and healthier.

Ep. 01 Mamica avtista: protokol, ki je rešil mojega otroka (Alenka Nemanič)

Ep. 02 Kako ostati v miru sredi nemira? (Pina Venesa Pintar)

Ep. 03 Česa nas uči trenutna globalna situacija? (Pina Venesa Pintar)


In vlogs we dive deep into two different areas: personal development and health.

Alenka Nemanič je razkrila protokol za zdravljenje avtizma in zelo dragocene informacije o naravnem zdravljenju, s katerim je dosegla to, da njen … This video will blow your mind! It was such an honor to talk to Peter Howe, a successful holistic health practitioner … froze his nuts off in this video! 🙂 After doing the cold showers for 2 weeks he wanted to take the …

– How important is individual personal growth for a stable and successful relationship? – Should you break through or break out when … – Why is connection important for a relationship? – How to break out of a mental loop? – The importance of …

Why is commitment so important in a relationship? (1:12) How do you commit after getting a child & Jernej’s “AHA moment” (2:08) …

– Why is honesty important? (3:00) – Why do so many couples struggle with honesty? (6:00) – Should you tell your partner …

A study says that 71 percent of employees are unhappy with their jobs which is quite a shocking number. In this interview my husband reveals why he quit his job to pursue his dream of being a professional poker player and much more.