How To Stay Committed In A Relationship?

– Why is commitment so important in a relationship? (1:12)

– How do you commit after getting a child & Jernej’s “AHA moment” (2:08)

– The little steps to being more committed (4:00)

– Does marriage and getting a kid make you more committed? (6:05)

– How Jernej showed his commitment to Urska (2 examples) (7:50)

– Commit first, then find a solution (9:10)

– A myth about “I will commit when I find the right one” and taking control (9:48)

– How do you know when you are ready to commit (11:40)

– Urska overcoming the fear of commitment before moving to Ireland (13:00)

– Why are women seeking reassurance and how can men give it to them? (14:34)

– Can men have a successful relationship and a successful career at the same time? (17:46)

– How to embrace each other’s flaws? (19:00)

– How do you recognize the lack of commitment? (19:20)

– If you are not sure if it is the right time to commit, IT IS NOT (25:38)

– Commitment leads to manifestation and clarity (25:50)

– Do you need to sacrifice in order to commit? (27:10)

– Do you need to prioritize your partner or your kid(s)? (28:04)

– Is it enough to commit once? (Importance of re-commitment) (29:20)

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