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Urška Šorn
happy family


SFM is an online education platform that specialises in on-line marketing and entrepreneurship. It teaches everything you need to know about how to create your own business. From affiliate marketing, e-commerce and branding to blogging, products, services and mindset! They provide a complete education for what it takes to be your own boss and run your own business.

I started the business of on-line marketing in summer 2019. After trying MLM for 1 year in 2014 and failing to achieve the success I dreamt about, my vision of having a passive income continued to burn inside of me. When I found this community I felt that this was the right path where I could begin to build financial freedom for my future. At the beginning I doubted myself, asking questions like “What if I fail again? What if it doesn’t work?” But what scared me even more was the thought about working for someone else, to smile at people I didn’t like, to work in an environment that didn’t share the same values and would never lead me to achieve my dreams. Simply thinking about being stuck in my current job working door to door and sacrificing my own mission was sickening. 

I quit my job in September 2019 and I am never going back to 9 to 5! I love this lifestyle too much.