Natural Immunity vs. Vaccines

Natural Immunity vs. Vaccines

https://truetoyourvalues.com/video/Natural-Immunity-Vs-Vaccines.mp4 This video will blow your mind! It was such an honor to talk to Peter Howe, a successful holistic health practitioner and certified Neuromuscular Therapist with more than 34 years of experience! About Peter Howe (0:20-2:43) COVID-19 VACCINE- Should we get the Covid-19 vaccine? (4:15)- What do Doctors say About the Covid-19 Vaccine (15:30)- …

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Swimming In The Freezing Cold Irish Sea | Trying the Wim Hof (Iceman) Method

https://youtu.be/pOENCz8K228Jernej froze his nuts off in this video! 🙂 After doing the cold showers for 2 weeks he wanted to take the next step but it was much harder than he thought! Swimming in a freezing cold water is extremely challenging, especially in a shallow water and freezing cold wind. But after several attempts he …

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How Stable Is Your Relationship?

– How important is individual personal growth for a stable and successful relationship? – Should you break through or break out when things get tough and uncomfortable? – What are the foundations of a stable relationship?

When is the right time to quit your job

When Should You Quit Your Job?

A study says that 71 percent of employees are unhappy with their jobs which is quite a shocking number. In this interview my husband reveals why he quit his job to pursue his dream of being a professional poker player and much more.