I have 2 girls and unfortunately they were both vaccinated according to the program. Both were jaundiced after receiving Vitamin K in the maternity ward. The oldest girl had digestive problems from the beginning, she still has them, and she has a very difficult bowel movement, so we have been struggling with this for years, after vaccinations she had several attacks of inconsolable crying that lasted for several hours, she had hives for unknown reasons. After the last vaccination before school, where we get OMR and Hep B, even worse things started to appear, namely she was completely lethargic, depressed for several months, cried very often, was diagnosed with high blood cholesterol, had insomnia and became allergic to dairy products. We later found out that dairy products are not a problem because we tried homemade milk and there were no problems, the problem was in the aluminum because everything is packed in it and this causes her problems and she is attacked by a terrible cough and choking. The younger one had a reaction after the vaccination. A happy and healthy child stopped reacting and responding to everyone around her for a week or so. I would be happy if we get help with treating the injuries after vaccination because we can’t afford it at the moment, but we would desperately need it. Thank you for your help and for the time you devoted to our story. Greetings, Adela


Črt is 5-year-old boy and he was born healthy. Soon after birth, it turned out to be hypotonic, so we attended neurophysiotherapy where it progressed nicely. Otherwise, he developed nicely, was very sociable, he waved and greeted, pointed his finger at objects and the first words also appeared. However, after vaccination with OMR at two years of age, there was a rapid decline in development. Suddenly he became unresponsive, as if he could not hear. The words he had already used had disappeared, as had his social skills. Sensory problems have occurred – hypersensitivity to sounds, touch, smell… At age 4, he was diagnosed with autism. At this time difficult but determined path began to help him to the best of our ability. Without many therapists, we would not be where we are today. Črt is still not talking, but we have managed to alleviate sensory problems and make progress in the area of ​​social interaction. We also learn to communicate with photos. We still have a long way to go, but we believe we will succeed. Unfortunately, almost all therapies are self-funding, which is a significant financial burden. That’s why Urška’s initiative really pleasantly surprised me and I thank her very much!
Črt's mommey
Invoices of expensive therapies


My story begins with 2 months premature birth: the baby girl weighed only 1 kilogram. She received 2x vitamin K and we were in the maternity hospital for 6 weeks. Everything went smoothly until the fateful day came - the first dose of vaccines! The girl, weighing barely 2300g, went for vaccination, although she should have weighed at least 4-5kg. After the vaccination, she slept a lot and had too low body temperature (35 degrees Celsius and less). Because she was premature, the pediatrician strongly insisted that she be vaccinated against pneumococcus, as she "has small lungs and can easily get sick." Unfortunately, I trusted her, and after receiving 2x and 3x doses of DiTePer and pneumococcal vaccine, blood sampling at 9 months of age followed on the same day (blood test results attached below clearly show that the toddler's condition became that way after vaccination). A good hour later, the phone rings and SHOCK: the pediatrician is scared and tells me to call her urgently. The way there took forever, though only 10 mins away. The pediatrician explains that if I accidentally notice blood in the stool, gums or nose, I should seek medical help immediately and that the child has THROMBOCYTOPENIA! I was shocked and speechless. I had no idea what it was, but when I started researching, I realized that this is a very serious condition: a child can’t hit herself, cut, fall, because she can die at the slightest fall! A child ‘MUST NOT BE A CHILD’. Shortly afterwards, I discovered blood in the stool and rushed to the Ljubljana’s pediatric clinic, where the girl immediately received immunoglobulins (platelets), as she was in great danger. I cried like a baby - I won’t even comment on how many times they pinched her in the legs and arms, but in the end they managed to get the tubes into her limbs and head. Every 2 or 3 weeks we had to have a blood drawn, where they kept saying that the girl is unfortunately not progressing. Since the discovery of Thrombocytopenia, she has had very unusual rashes all over her body - doctors have claimed that this is due to low platelets in the blood, but they refuse to admit that the disease is a side effect of vaccines! The child's illness hit me hard mentally. Out of sadness, fear, insecurity, I no longer see the meaning of life. My child will never be vaccinated again, even if they kill me.
Immigrant mother from Kosovo